Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The latest rape hysteria: "stealthing" where college boys remove condoms during sex

They've invented another fake rape crisis--it's called "stealthing." See here.

Sounds sneaky and dishonest, doesn't it? It sure does--so therefore, it has to be something that college men are doing.

"Stealthing" is where men secretly remove their condoms during consensual sex to transform it into rape.

The theory goes that the woman consented to have sex with a condom-covered dick, not a dick without a condom, so it must be rape. Presumably, if the guy deceived her about any other aspect of his life as a way to induce her to have sex, that's rape, too. For example, if a woman agrees to have sex thinking that the guy is a honors student but later finds out he's got a "B" average, that's got to be rape, too, right? I mean, consent has to be based on complete and accurate information, doesn't it?

Put all that aside, let's say, for the sake of argument, that it is a form of sexual assault. Is "stealthing" a crisis?

You bet it is! USA Today calls is "a disturbing sex trend" that is "on the rise."

I knew it! Another rape epidemic! These college boys lie awake at night dreaming up ways to subjugate women with their penises.

"What's the evidence for this trend?" you ask.

Do you really have to ruin the narrative by injecting "evidence" into this? But okay, since you asked, the evidence for this "disturbing trend" is "a doctoral student named Rebecca who works for a local rape crisis hotline." And no, I'm not kidding. (Rebecca herself, of course, was a victim of "stealthing" in college.) Oh, and Kathleen Kempke, with the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay, verifies the "trend" because she has had "other cases" of stealthing. Oh, and "online forums" where dastardly men brag about doing it. Everyone knows that "online forums" where men brag about their nasty sexual exploits are terribly scientific and reliable indicators of "trends."

They never stop, folks. Just when you think the hysteria can't get any loonier--it gets loonier.

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  1. Just another feminist Inflama-prop fabrication!! Google MGTOW