Wednesday, February 4, 2015

It's a scrotum, ladies--get over it!

In the UK, the young man in the robe had a testicular cancer check on live television the other day to raise awareness about the disease and to encourage young men to check their testicles. And, oh no! They actually showed his well-groomed scrotum! No dick, just balls, but this sent some viewers into orbit. Read these tweets:

"Omg.... Its WAY too early to be seeing a pair of balls on #lorraine #ballsinyourface," tweeted viewer, Leanne Ellen.

"All for a good cause but that put me right off my boiled egg!.. #Lorraine."

Under the story, there were these comments:

". . . crude and offensive."

"Many people had just thrw up their soft boiled egg breakfast."

"I think ITV are using shock tactics to get viewers."

". . . bit early to be seeing those wrinkled nuts!"

"Is this really necessary."

"Ew no one wants to see balls whilst eating their breakfast!"

Fortunately, most people who commented were supportive of the demonstration, but the number of viewers who exhibited disgust was troubling. Even in this day and age, for too many people, "male" body parts are offensive.

Here were my two favorite comments:

"I survived (testicular cancer) too and would quite happily share the experience on TV if it meant one more man would be saved. Massive focus on female cancers and that's all good but when it's a mans cancer everyone becomes prudes. Hypocritical at best."

"I think that for those prudish women, and a few men, who see this as sexualised and wrong should probably be placed on some kind of register. I am sorry but if you can't see a testicle without thinking something is inappropriate then your mind might need examining...."


  1. Yet the show mammograms all the time. Women are such hypocrites.

  2. They want men to die.